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  • Adhesive for crafting
  • Works with multiple substrates like paper, cardboard,                                                                                            wood, polystyrene and many more
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Fevicol squeeze bottle is one of the most popular adhesives. It is a synthetic white adhesive used to stick paper, cardboard, thermocol, fabrics, etc. This adhesive is water-based non-toxic. Fevicol Mr white adhesive can resist underwater for more than 48 hours and one hour in boiling water. It is a necessary item for everyday use in offices and at home. These are tiny sized and hence simple to carry and last really long. Fevicol Easy Flow Adhesive is a polysynthetic resin adhesive. It can be utilized in bonding different materials, where one of the surfaces to be bonded has to be porous. Fevicol strongly binds wood, plywood, laminate, veneers, MDF and all types of boards and cork etc. It is also utilized in sports goods manufacturing and bookbinding.


100gm, 1kg, 200gm, 45gm, 500gm, 5gm

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