Uniball Air UBA 188 L Ball Pen


About this Product
  • Dyestuff Ink particle is easily soluble in water and will bleed on the paper, uni super ink – pigmented ink will bond itself to the paper fibers once it is settled, it is not soluble in water.
  • The size of uni super ink particle is larger than dyestuff Ink. Therefore its surface is less affected and the colour remains vivid.
  • Difference between structure of molecules. Molecules of dye ink break down because of the sunlight and air but uni Super ink is difficult to break down.
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About this Product
  • Mechanism of the tip

This “AIR suspension mechanism” and the soft “Acetal tip” reduces the friction and the contact with the                    paper while writing, allowing for a lighter and smoother writing experience.

  • The finest technology achieves smooth writing

    The strong pen point and the precise ink flow were made possible between the combination of newly developed tip and ultra-fine ink.

  • Commitment to Stainless Steel Tip

    Mitsubishi Pencil employs a stainless steel tip in most pens with our own precision processing technology.



Black, Blue, Red

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1, 12

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